Switching Your Bond

If you have a home loan with any financial provider, you may switch your mortgage bond to a different credit provider of your choice at anytime. By switching your bond to SA Home Loans, you will benefit from the special home loan package offered to government employees, which could result in savings both in your monthly instalment and the interest paid over the term of your loan.

In addition, switching could give you access to the equity, or increased value, accumulated in your property since you first purchased your home. This can be done by registering the home loan at a higher value than the amount payable to the old credit provider, allowing you to receive cash out on registration of the new bond. A portion of this can be accessed as soon as the bond documents are signed at the attorneys. This cash can then be used to pay off short term debts, education fees or renovations to your home - or however you choose.

Switching your home loan is quick and easy - you simply need to provide the (link to page below), and SA Home Loans will do the rest.

Source: Information supplied by SA Home Loans